Friday, December 25, 2009

Early BETA is on!

Starting today, we’re sending invitations to the first batch out of many interested users. All of you who have app on your iPhones, please check your Inbox for the email from

Thank you all for your interest and writing to us. Right now we can let only a certain number of users in, but we’ll keep you posted of the new developments and access codes releases. So do not be disappointed if there is no email from us today.

If you did not download the app yet, you can do so in the iTunes store here, and apply for BETA access.

Quick overview of how works on your iPhone:
- clicking the big red Record button dials our server which starts recording
- you proceed with dialing the person you wish to record a phone call with as usual and merge it into a conference with the call initiated by the app
- after you finish the conversation, your recorded phone call will be available within app

“Early” BETA means that we can’t wait to hear your feedback, so please take a minute and let us know how works for you. You can do so if you visit our website here and click Feedback (on the right side of the screen).

Happy recording!

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