Monday, December 14, 2009

How about

Here are some basics on how was born and what we had in mind while making it.

A while ago, we developed mVoice, an application that recorded phone calls directly on the (smart)phone devices, but that was possible only on the Palm OS hardware. Other smart-phones and operating systems were moving forward fast and improved in many ways but they did not allow us to implement phone call recording directly anymore.

At the same time, we were receiving more and more requests from our customers asking: when will you have mVoice for iPhone, how can I record a phone call with mVoice on BlackBerry, are you considering developing for Android...?
While we had mVoice for most of these platforms that did the dictation voice recording and a number of other things, it did not support the essential feature - phone calls recording.

Back then, we could only say that we are looking into a way to do this, but now we can say: we have!

With we have changed things around a bit and now phone call recording is not an additional feature in voice recording app but actually a complete solution that will record phone calls first and foremost but can be used as a regular voice notes recorder as well.
Also new is that we think we have made saving, managing, transcribing and sharing these recordings much, much easier.

Whether you are driving and are unable to write down essential info given in the conversation, or need the ability to record phone calls because of the type of work you do, or are a blogger, writer, a journalist who can't afford to forget an idea about an article or want to record a phone interview... we suggest you try

The service will support literally all phones out there and you can learn how it works here.

Let us know what you think and how you use

Oh, and if you have not registered for private BETA you can do that here.

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  1. How will any future pricing work? Will we have to purchase minutes? If so ... what an irksome business model :/