Monday, January 11, 2010

Early Private BETA invitations status update

We would like to thank thousands of you who applied for access to the early BETA.

Currently we are continuing to improve the service while the first native app, available for iPhone, has been updated in the meantime and is already available in iTunes store.

Additionally, we are in the final stages of website redesign that will make using on the PC more intuitive - and will just look better, too ;-)

If you applied to participate in our Private BETA, be on a lookout for an email from with the subject “Invitation for BETA”. We send a minimum of 100 invites every day and will up that as things firm up.

And for all of you that are already in - we hope you are enjoying!
Please leave us all the feedback, suggestions and questions through our community powered system or just click Feedback button on the right side at

Talk to you very soon!