Thursday, February 25, 2010

Get the invitation NOW! Twitter-only deal.

There’s a lot of interest in entering BETA and we’re doing our best to let in as many people as possible. We’ve decided to organize a special contest for all of you still without an invite, and to make sure you get it as soon as possible.

What do you need to participate?
1. on your iPhone (download from iTunes)
2. Twitter account (click follow at

What do you do then?
Send one @CallRecMe message explaining why you should get an invite to start using Also send a private message to CallRecMe including your email, because we will need it to send you and invite.

What do we do then?
As the messages come in, we RT our favorites and send an invite to the author right away. Feel free to RT your favorite ones, messages with many RTs get invites too.

Let the games begin!

See you at

New access numbers

As of yesterday, we added access numbers for Italy and Israel. We already have access numbers for USA, UK, Canada, Sweden and Australia while more of them are coming. Feel free to vote your country in the comments because based on your votes, we’ll continue to add more.

Availability of an access number for your country means that you would record your conversation while dialing service in your country and pay the price of a local call instead of international in case there is no access number for your country (yet!) and you need to dial access number in the closest country.

So, let us know where you need the access number.

Happy recording! crew

Thursday, February 11, 2010 access numbers – where do you need them?

Our BETA is progressing great and hopefully many of you guys are already in. If not – be patient, we’re sending more and more invites daily.

What we learned so far is that the ability to record international calls is one of the most important features to you.

You can use from anywhere and that is the glory of it; however, we currently have access numbers for USA, Canada, UK, and have just recently added the access number for Sweden. This means that the users outside these countries need to make a call to one of them to be able to use

We are about to add more access numbers for our international user base, but what we need from you is to help us make priority list.

The question is: where do you need access number, i.e. where are you located?

Hit the comments and let us know where to “send” you

Thanks! crew

Thursday, February 4, 2010 crew right this minute

Here’s a bit of an update from the lab, just to let you know what we’re cooking here at place.

First, another update of for iPhone app (v1.0) has been released a few days ago and is already available in iTunes store (thanks Apple!). You can download it here. The most important improvement this version brings is the ease of phone conversations recording, along with changes improving Detailed view.

Also, if you came by recently, you probably noticed that we’ve been rather creative and diligent in implementing new look of We hope you like it!

We’re learning more and more about your impressions every day, and to be even more efficient, we’ve created a short survey to help us with that. The survey will be sent to all the users who created their accounts with, so once you receive it, please take a minute to let us know what you think.

Each survey filled out gets us all closer to making exactly what you need.

Finally, we continue to send access codes daily and due to large interest, we’ve speed up sending invites, so please be patient - invite is coming your way.

Thanks for your continuous support!