Thursday, February 11, 2010 access numbers – where do you need them?

Our BETA is progressing great and hopefully many of you guys are already in. If not – be patient, we’re sending more and more invites daily.

What we learned so far is that the ability to record international calls is one of the most important features to you.

You can use from anywhere and that is the glory of it; however, we currently have access numbers for USA, Canada, UK, and have just recently added the access number for Sweden. This means that the users outside these countries need to make a call to one of them to be able to use

We are about to add more access numbers for our international user base, but what we need from you is to help us make priority list.

The question is: where do you need access number, i.e. where are you located?

Hit the comments and let us know where to “send” you

Thanks! crew


  1. Im fine with the US, and so are most people I know, thanks! One problem I had today though is that the access number kept saying all circuits are busy when i tried to record an incoming call (by starting the app while on the call and hitting record, I wasnt able to merge the calls though since it wouldnt connect to the access number...)

  2. Thanks for "reporting from the field" and please contact our support because we would like to investigate the issue you reported – all should be smooth, so we’d like to see what happened.

    You can contact the team at - they are a very cool bunch and will do their best to work this out with you.