Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It’s official – we are open for business!

Another big news today is that starting from version 1.1 we are open for business - hurray!

That means more robust behavior and features on both our servers as well as CallRec.me iPhone app. More access numbers, more lines, better quality recordings, quicker customer support and overall more love, care and affection for all our users.

CallRec.me v1.1 release also brings out a business model we are opening with.

Invitations are no more needed and we are open to every and all, worldwide. Anyone can record a 2 minutes long conversation in US free of charge, with anyone in US, and from anywhere in the world. For conversations longer then 2 minutes we have now prepaid packages tailored to US-based users as well as International users.

The packags are:

1. US Promo package for $9.99 – you can record 200 minutes of phone calls including outgoing calls with US and all incoming calls, regardless of your location.

2. Worldwide Promo package for $9.99 – you can record 30 minutes of incoming and outgoing phone calls from anywhere and with anyone in the world

To keep things simple and easy for you we have implemented the prepay feature as a one-step-tap-in-app purchase, directly in CallRec.me on your iPhone.

For all of you who have been on board so far we threw in 30 minutes of US Promo and 30 minutes of Worldwide package for free as an extra Thank You for being with us all along. Enjoy – and let us know how 1.1 is working out for you!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

CallRec.me v1.1 now available!

Our team has been listening to all you sent in through your emails, feedback, survey and Twitter posts. As a result, we’ve developed an update to CallRec.me and this weekend, after some trials and tribulations, Apple has released it in the AppStore (thanks Apple!).

You can download the latest CallRec.me app from AppStore here.

The quick overview of the news is:

- Incoming calls recording has been additionally simplified so it can be set up in your preferences to just start automatically when you tap CallRec.me icon after you answer the call. Or, keep it in the default setting and let CallRec.me to ask for a confirmation before it starts recording.

- International calls recording is much easier now because we added more access numbers worldwide and CallRec.me will automatically choose the one closest to where you are. You can also manually set default international access number for CallRec.me to dial.

- We added Dial tab with Favorites and Recents subtabs so most often numbers you dial to record and the corresponding completed recordings are just one click away.

- We also added Contacts tab to make finding a contact you want to call to record a conversations with as simple and intuitive as making a regular phone call.

- User interface for deleting recordings is improved and it includes another way to do that: just tap Edit when in the list of recordings and you’ll be able to delete them one by one, much faster.

Next release is already well under way and is about to get in to testing and review cycle in the next couple of weeks.