Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It’s official – we are open for business!

Another big news today is that starting from version 1.1 we are open for business - hurray!

That means more robust behavior and features on both our servers as well as CallRec.me iPhone app. More access numbers, more lines, better quality recordings, quicker customer support and overall more love, care and affection for all our users.

CallRec.me v1.1 release also brings out a business model we are opening with.

Invitations are no more needed and we are open to every and all, worldwide. Anyone can record a 2 minutes long conversation in US free of charge, with anyone in US, and from anywhere in the world. For conversations longer then 2 minutes we have now prepaid packages tailored to US-based users as well as International users.

The packags are:

1. US Promo package for $9.99 – you can record 200 minutes of phone calls including outgoing calls with US and all incoming calls, regardless of your location.

2. Worldwide Promo package for $9.99 – you can record 30 minutes of incoming and outgoing phone calls from anywhere and with anyone in the world

To keep things simple and easy for you we have implemented the prepay feature as a one-step-tap-in-app purchase, directly in CallRec.me on your iPhone.

For all of you who have been on board so far we threw in 30 minutes of US Promo and 30 minutes of Worldwide package for free as an extra Thank You for being with us all along. Enjoy – and let us know how 1.1 is working out for you!

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