Friday, April 16, 2010 1.2 Coming Soon

Today, we have submitted Apple a new version of app for iPhone - CallRec v1.2. We hope it will be out soon!

Here’s a glance at what we prepared for the next v1.2:

• We developed a native player for the app, so the look and feel are more complete
• You’ll be able to share your recordings and invite people to use the service directly from your phone
• We improved the quality of recorded files
• User experience is enhanced in a way that the app responds faster to user's selection of tabs and menu options.

And here is a sneak peak into native player look and the option for sharing your recordings directly from the app:

Until the v1.2 gets approved by Apple, go ahead and download current v1.1 from the App Store.


  1. did you find a solution to the Beeping issue yet


  2. As far as I am concerned, the app is not usable with the bleeping.

  3. We're still looking into ways to address the beeping.

    @Shez: the beep is too loud on your phone?

  4. What is the status of the new update and the beeping did you eliminate it yet or offer us an option, thanks

  5. Beeps during the recording is forced and required by Apple. We are aware that beeping is annoying and not legally required, but should we disable it Apple would kick us out of the App Store.

    We will continue to pursue this issue but we have to play by the rules, so as long as Apple insists on this in its App Store Requirements, we cannot disable it.

  6. AFternoon what is the status of the update you mentioned with new features on April 16

  7. @Dave - New is finally available at iTunes App Store as of few hours ago! You can update it on your iPhone through App Store app or via direct link: