Tuesday, April 13, 2010

CallRec.me BETA is now open for everyone – no invites required!

Starting today, invites for CallRec.me are no longer needed and those who would like to create account with CallRec.me and use the service to record their phone conversations can do so.

Simply download CallRec.me app from the App Store (it's free!) and create your account with us.

Two things we’re hoping to see now that CallRec.me is fully accessible and requires no invites are:
- more 5 stars in App Store for CallRec.me (hint: rate CallRec.me, with as many stars as you think it deserves)
- everyone to send more invites to their friends, family and colleagues (hint: there is Invite others button in the top right corner after you login to your CallRec.me account from our website)

Thanks to everyone who has tried CallRec.me. Hope to see you find CallRec.me useful and stick around for a good while more.

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