Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Guest blogger post: CallRec.me Solved Urgent Need

Summary of my experience with CallRec.me.

I had an interview requirement for my MBA project and sent out a request to someone I selected. While driving home from work, I received acceptance from the person I wanted to interview. He agreed to do the interview, however what I did not expect was that he wanted to have it immediately (within an hour, that same night). I knew ahead of time it would need to be via phone since he was in another state but I had not solved that delima yet. By the time I arrived at my house, I had about 15 minutes left before the time he wanted to start.

I do not have a landline phone in my house so the only option was my iPhone. With less than 15 minutes until the call and only an iPhone, I had no clue how I was going to record the call at the same time I was on it . I knew the iPhone was a good digital recorder but I was going to be using it for the call and did not have any other recorders at my house. Time was short, not to mention that I had typed my draft interview questions in multiple files and needed to put them into one and print out so the interview would be smooth (Obiously I don't interview for a living).

So, with less than 15 minutes to find a solution and only an iPhone, I did a quick search of Apple's App Store, I found several apps but quickly selected CallRec.me. I downloaded it, bought additional minutes, made 3 quick test calls to family members and was setup and ready for my interview within 10 minutes. With a few minutes to spare, I consolidated my notes, printed them and dialed the interviewee (To be frank, I could not believe I pulled it off that quick. I honestly thought it was too easy). The interview went well, the recording was good but had several garbled areas which I believe were related to my 3G coverage and not this application.

My MBA project required that I also turn in a typed transcript and CallRec.me said you could submit the recordings, made through their app, for transcription. This was one of things that attracted me to select CallRec.me. My interview was 40 minutes in length. A few days later I remembered that I needed to get a transcript completed so I submitted my recording around noon on a Sunday. I could not find any information from CallRec.me or on the web regarding the length of time it would take for the transciption so I hoped I would get it Monday but realized it could be a couple of days. I received an email about my transciption at 5PM the sameday and assumed it was an update to let me know when I could expect to receive the finished product. To my surprise, it was actually the completed transcript. I was shocked that I received a completed transcript of my 40 minute phone call in only 5 hours and on a Sunday. Even better was that it was only $40.

Overall the transcript was pretty good but there were mistakes (typos), however I believe it was related to the garbled areas in my recording due to my coverage because most of the transcript was very accurate. I did notice that the transcript seemed to start over from the beginning frequently. In other words, I asked 11 questions in my interview and about 6 to 8 times during the typed transcript, it would start over from the beginning. I haven't figured that one out but it only required me to delete the repeated areas of text so wasn't a show stopper, just a little of an annoyance. It is still hard for me to believe I pulled this off, you have to love all this technology. I submitted my assignment without a hitch.

That's my story and I've told it to many people who were looking for recording software and transcription capability. This app truly saved my ?you know what? (project:). By the way, I received an A on the project. Not bad for a 45 year old study working full time and going to school full time. This app took a load off my mind though. I can not compare it to other similar applications since it was the first I tried and don't see a need to given the results mentioned above. Definately worth trying if you are looking for a solution to record calls and possibly need transcripts too. It was extremely easy to setup and to use.

Author: Jim E.